Audio Technica vs Crosley Turntables

Is it worth getting the AT LP120 over the AT LP60? Sure. The difference is marginal anyway for the performance that you could potentially get from the former. Not only is the belt drive and inbuilt phono preamp better in the former, but the other parts such as the tonearm and stylus are simply of a superior quality. The music quality produced from both these devices side by side definitely has a noticeable edge in it even for a non-music enthusiast such as myself. For a ‘cooler’ but less ‘hardcore’ turntable, you need not look further than Crosley record players.

crosley greenCrosley record players are popular because of their design, rather than the performance that they’re capable of. You might have come across several versions of record players that look like they’re outfitted in a little suitcase. These portable record players are all in one, which means that you don’t anything else except an album record and you’re good to go.

Crosley record players, especially the Cruiser model, have a decent performance for their price, but the design wins the rest easily. There’s also a more bulky, but less performance worthy version of the Crosley Cruiser, i.e. the Crosley Keepsake. Even though the Keepsake is bulky as hell, we actually prefer it for its stability.